DEPARTURE: 8:00 a.m.

RETURN: 4:00 p.m.



TIME IN THE WATER: 6 hours a day



NOTE: Briefing (Night Before Departure): Pre-Departure Information, Description Of River Canyon, Navigation, What To Bring, Etc.



DAY 1: Cusco - Wallpachaca Beach - Paltas Beach


Your trip leader and our private bus driver will meet you at the office at 8:00 a.m., on the first day of your rafting trip, for the 4 hour bus ride to the Apurimac river. We will have one stop first at Izcucahaca, a small town to buy the last supplies for the trip. After this, we stop several times along the way, so we can stretch our legs go to the bathroom etc. One hour before we arrive to the beginning we will stop at Condorhuachana where we can have the first real view of the Apurimac River canyon from 2000 meters high. This is the perfect place to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Once at the river, guides and passengers will organize the expedition,  then pack your camp clothes, sleeping bag, etc., into the dry bags. After packing the dry bags we provide a picnic lunch near to the river side, followed by rafting orientation, a thorough, 30 minute presentation given by the trip leader. The leader will go over the safety features of the trip, to demonstrate techniques for paddling, floating and rescue. This briefing will be followed by a practice in the river, where each passenger takes turns swimming in some moderate rapids so everybody can practice grabbing the rafts, safety kayaks and securing the rescue lines. We will also practice flipping the rafts so everybody can feel secure and comfortable to start this great adventure. Finally, it’s on to the river for fun on the level II and III rapids, peaceful calms and magnificent scenery! After the initial stretch of river, we arrive to the first level III+ rapid (Level IV in May and beginning of June) called the “little Z”. After a series of rapids we reach a nice water fall then more good rapids and beautiful scenery, where we can see below the water fall before reaching camp later in the afternoon. Once at camp we set up and get organized on the sandy beach of Las Paltas (the avocados). After a brief camp orientation where you’ll become acquainted with the place, our solid waste toilet system and the camp routine, you can enjoy an afternoon snack and relax, as the guides make the first of many delicious dinners. In the evening we listen to the river sounds and the tales and experiences of the Apurimac river guides as twilight consumes the canyon. We have a briefing about the next day, before we go to bed. If you are adventurous, the Apurimac night skies are covered with thousands stars, prefect for sleeping outside your tent .




DAY 2: Paltas Beach - Dragon Tail Camp


The day begins at 8:00 a.m. with a delicious fresh fruit salad, cereal, yogurt, juice, fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, oat meal, bread etc. After breakfast, it’s time to pack up the tents, dry bags and reload the rafts for the day’s river adventure. At 9:00 a.m. we jump back into the rafts and continue our way through the Apurimac canyon wilderness. Today features some of the best rapids on the river. Just around the corner from camp we have many level II, III and III+ technical rapids until we arrive to El Chute level IV. Afterward, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the El Chute gorge as you travel toward the Portage rapids. Passengers need to walk around it carrying dry bags while the guides will be taking the rest of the staff. There after we arrive to Minefield canyon with a series of level II, III and IV rapids until the Apurimac river calms and go into the Purgatory gorge, this is fantastic place where we can see different rock formation that the river, wind and other natural agents built with the years, here we can jump from a cliff, swim until we arrive to the Purgatory rapid level IV, in this place the entire river flows in the left hand side of the canyon near to a massive wall, creating big waves and powerful currents, making of this rapid one of the best in the river. Before we run this rapid the guide will explain where to go and where the safety kayak and the guides with the secure lines will be located.  After we will have one more portage and from here we will see another river called Vilcabamaba which joins the Apurimac. Here you may be able to take a short walk to explore the unique geology of the Apurimac river canyon or cool off swimming in the river while your guides make another fantastic lunch.


After lunch, there will be more rapids at Las Tres Marias, and the “Z”, both level IV rapids. Before we arrive to the camp we will collect wood for the campfire. Once we arrive at our riverside campsite, we can change into camp clothes and set up tents. Guides will assist with setting up your camp and then you will be free to read a book on the beach, take a hike with spectacular views of the Apurimac river canyon, or a refreshing swim in the Apurimac river.


After unwinding for a few hours, the guides will have a hot delicious dinner ready for you. After dinner you can relax with a cup of coffee or tea next to the campfire under the stars playing cards, telling more river stories, and re-living your best adventures moments from the day.




DAY 3: Dragon Tail Beach - The Face Camp


After a good breakfast we will star running rapids such as Indiana Jones, the Roller Over, and Window, all class IV, with lots of nice waves and holes. In between these rapids there are many other rapids at level II and III. Finally we arrive to another big rapid El Trinche, level IV (Level V from May to June), where the river flows from the right side. In the beginning there are waves and holes with some rocks and at the end is awaiting a big hole with a little pass in the middle that the guides will maneuver to ensure safe passage. A few minutes more and we will be in the Table, the Playa, and the No Name rapids, all level IV. The Table is a nice place where we stop for lunch.  After lunch we continue with the trip when we begin again with more exciting rapids, so be prepared for a thrill from the beginning! During the first hour we will raft through fun and challenging rapids like Wake Up, Ramona, and the Labyrinth, all rapids level IV, then minutes after we will be in the biggest rapid of the canyon , the Toothache, where passengers will disembark and walk around it. Only the river guides will be able to run this rapid in order to minimize risks. Immediately after this rapid we will have another portage that will be the last. After this portage, there will be a section of rapids level II and III until we arrive to the last camp. At camp you can have a nice hike around the camp or perhaps read a book while the guides make dinner. After dinner the trip leader will explain what will happen the last day and then we go to bed.



DAY 4: The Face Camp - Quinta Primavera


Last day of this Peru white water adventure, immediately after breakfast we will have one of the best rapids of the river Babaluba rapid class V, here we organize the safety. First to run the rapids will be the kayak, luggage boat and once everybody is properly located, the boat will start running the rapid. In the first part, the river goes through small channels with many rocks, then the river gets calm, and suddenly we disappear dramatically while the boat is jumping through drops and holes. We have only few minutes to rest because the last rapid is awaiting for us the Last Laugh rapid level IV. After these rapids there will be a series of class II, III, and III+ rapids to run until the end. At the end our private bus will be waiting for us with a good lunch and cold beers, thereafter we drive for two hours to Cusco. In Cusco we can enjoy watching the video of our trip in one of the pubs, where they have a big screen.



Meals  (3L, 2B, 2D), boat, guide, safety kayak, safety boat, life jacket, wet-suit, helmet, paddle-jacket, paddle, all camping gear .



Sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, first breakfast and last Dinner on the 3rd day



Torch, clothing (long trousers, shorts, fleece, t-shirts, bathing costume, sandals) personal items, sun block, insect repellent





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